Internet on Radio
Broadband (ADSL)

We offer broadband internet access suiting to customer requirements. A detailed price list can be viewed here.

Leased Lines (Data Links)

Although ADSL is readily available and highly popular, it does not meet all broadband requirements. We offer leased lines (Frame Relay) with fixed IP and Internet bandwidth for corporate messaging requirements. For customers with their own mail server we provide 24x7x365 mail relay for their hosted domains. If your network requirements are better met with leased lines or if you need help deciding we can help. For further information about Frame Relay contact us.

Domain Registration and Mail Gateways
We can register all Botswana domain names (.bw), plus Top Level Domain names such as .com, net, .org, .biz and info. For customers without their own mail server we offer Domain Name Hosting with 10 mailboxes and a total of 200MB email storage included. Additional mailboxes and storage options are available. Call us or email us for a customized solution.
Web Hosting
We offer Linux/Microsoft web server solutions with optional extras like MySQL database, MS SQL and additional storage space. Call or email us for the quote.
Consultancy Services

In addition to above we have got expertise in value-added solutions viz. LAN/WAN Network Design, VPN Design, Enterprise Messaging Solutions and Web Authoring. Please call us or drop your requirements by email.